Friday, July 25, 2014

Hello all!

My goals are as follows:

Goal 1 - 5lbs 154.8
Goal 2 - 5lbs 149.8
Goal 3 - 5lbs 144.8
Goal 4 - 5lbs 139.8
Goal 5 - 5lbs 134.8

One goal down, 4 goals to go!

I am loving this!

Update: 7/25

I started my you know what so I will not be weighing in for part of next week due to possible bloating and annoyingness. I still plan to curb the cravings and eat healthy because for the FIRST dietbet ever (I'm on my third or fourth) I have not even come close to achievingy goals. All I do is give up and I don't want to do that this time around. I finally have a goal in my mind and I want to stick with it.

Oh! And it will be 5x this week that I have walked hone from work. That's about 160ish calories each time :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Update on DietBet

I have not been updating on this blog as much as I should but I am trying to fix that. On Friday I weighed in at 156.4 but after the weekend, I weighed in at 156.8. Last week I was good at exercising every day with my coworkers and then I went to the gym 3x that week.

   Today, I walked home from work which was 1.35 miles and I loved it. I feel like I should start doing longer routes just to mix it up a bit but today was a really nice day to walk, to be honest, I've wanted to walk from work to home for awhile but I guess I just haven't had the motivation to do so until today.

   I am currently locked out of my place because my boyfriend took the car and I had the house keys on it but oh well, at least it gives me time to update.

  This week, I hope to lose another two lbs or so. I have about three lbs left to go until I reach my dietbet goal and I so want to exceed that goal. I don't want to get a head of myself but I feel like this MAY be the year that I hit my goal weight overall. :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 3

Yesterday, I did good. I did T25 with my coworkers and than went to the gym for a little over an hour. My boyfriend picked me up from the gym with a friend and we went to Cumberland Farms. I went inside and solo wanted a muffin or a candy but I tikd myself no and ended up getting a caesur salad. It was really good and I forgot about my want for sweets and candy once I got home.

   What has really helped me is when I think about my goals and what I want to accomplish, step by step...I think about the people that I am competing against and what they would do different if they were in my shoes and it works for me.

   I weighed in today at 157.0, which I am assuming is all water weight. I can't go to the gym tonight but I am doing the T25 workout with my coworkers.

I hope everyone has an awesome day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 2

Yesterday I did T25 with my coworkers than I went to the gym for almost an hour and a half! If I can do this 4-5x a week, I should be set with the weight loss. I ate well yesterday and last night bought healthier foods that I can bring to work. I also made a watermelon/banana/strawberry smoothie last night that I could take this morning. So good!

Today: (lunch)
Turkey wrap
Luna Bar

Its only day 2 of this diet bet but I feel great! Can I stay this motivated for a month? I sure hope so😆

Monday, July 14, 2014

Day 1

This is Day 1 of the DietBet challenge. I am excited and nervous but I know this is the right thing for me to do at this time. I am sick of feeling the way that I do. I feel unmotivated and all I want to do is sit around on my days off. I always think to myself that I am going to work out but I never actually do it. I do workout at work for 25 minutes but if I am going to beat this thing than I have to go to the gym after work and don't mess up my workout with poor dieting. I weighed in today at 159.8? Ahh, that is horrible! But I am willing to do something about it right now! 😋
    I hope that everyone has an awesome day!

Until tomorrow!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day Before - Diet Bet with Scola Dondo!

Its been awhile.

I joined another DietBet. Now, instead of betting 10$ I bet 25$ and if I do lose 4% of my body weight in a month (6.3lbs) than I get a free pair of Nike sneakers that I can customize myself. That is a pretty good incentive!

I have feel off the band wagon with good diet and exercise. Actually, I exercise at work but than that gets destroyed by my bad diet. I would like to finally get out of the 150s. I have struggled with getting out of the 150s for 3 years now (no joke). I am currently 157.6 and if I do lose the weight than I will be 151. That would be amazing!

I miss the feeling of feeling amazing. If anything, I feel sluggish and tired.

The dietbet starts tomorrow and to be honest, I am scared because I don't want to fail but I'm ready to lose and feel great!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I have done well :)

Sunday I walked for 15 minutes on the track near my house
Monday was an early morning workout at the gym
Tuesday it was a beautiful day so I went to the track and walked for an hour - my legs were dead!
Wednesday (today) I went to the track again for another hour
Tomorrow and Friday I will probably head to the gym because it is supposed to rain
Saturday I will head back to the track :)

I have also been eating really well. I have skipped on whoppie pies, italians & other junkie foods at work that I normally would have devoured. It has been a good week so far!

So I weighed in and I am 156.8 lbs!!

Alright, until tomorrow !

Sunday, June 1, 2014

I'm back!

It's been a long time! I am sad to say my absence has not been good news. I probably gained about 3 lbs since I have been away. I haven't been exercising enough and when I do I ruin it by eating like complete crap. Today, I started eating right again & to start off I went for a 15 minute walk. I have started using my lose It app again to track my meals.

I actually made this really good dinner. I got the idea from a YouTube channel that i'm subscribed to. You basically cook a sweet potato in the oven for an hour than while that's cooking you saute (sp?) veggies (celery, onions, green pepper) and than after the sweet potato is done cooking you split it in half and put the veggies inside. SO GOOD! I will definitely be having that again.

I have made a goal for myself that I will go to the gym in the morning 4x this week before I go into work. It will be tough for me but I know once I get into the routine, it won't be so bad. I would actually rather go in the morning anyway so I can get it out of the way because so many times after work I say I'm going to go to the gym but I never do (insert excuse).

I feel good, feel motivated! and am ready to get back on track.

I will do an official weigh in tomorrow to see where I am at and once I see some positive changes, I will rejoin a Diet Bet. I always fall off the bandwagon half way in and it's annoying!

Alright, until tomorrow!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday O Tuesday

Another Fail at waking up for early morning workout BUT

I did the T25 with my coworkers which this time around, kicked my ass!

I also went walking 3 times (1 run) around the track with my boyfriend.

Now, my lower body aches really bad especially my legs.

So I will count that as successful workouts for the day :)

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday O Monday

I did my 25 minute T25 workout with my coworkers today annnnnd thats about it. Hey, at least it is something. BUT. BUT. BUT this is my weeks schedule and I am sticking with it. So here it goes...

Tuesday- Early Morning Workout
Wednesday- Early Morning Workout
Thursday- Early Morning Workout
Friday- Early Morning Workout

Alright good night!

I will keep you posted on how I do


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weigh In Sunday

Hello All & Happy Easter

I said I would post yesterday but I kinda didn't want to, to be completely honest. Okay, so I did workout yesterday for a good 50 minutes but than I didn't today. I had a two great dinners at my boyfriend's aunts house both Saturday and today for Easter so I definitely had my fill of a little bit of overeating. I am back at it tomorrow. I am hoping that I can wake up early Mon-Fri for the gym but if not than I will go after work.

Oh! I weighed in today at 156.8. I am hoping I can have a 2 lbs weight loss next Sunday. I have 4.9 lbs to go until I reach my goal weight for Diet Bet. I want to be committed this time around! So I am hoping I can accomplish this goal!

I hope everyone has a good night!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Thank God it's Friday

Hi all!

So per my schedule I did not work out today, I could have worked out early this morning but I went to bed really late because my boyfriend, Craig got a new 55" t.v. for the living room and I bought a t.v. stand so together (along with a friend) we set it up and it looks so good!

I do plan to go to the gym tomorrow morning. I am thinking sometime before 9 am just so I can get that out of the way. My eating habits need some improvement but for the most part it is doing okay. I just need to think more of the choices that i'm making before I actually make it because I tend to think about them after the fact. Ugh, so annoying.

Well, I shall give you an update tomorrow to tell you how my workout went. OH! and Sunday the gym is closed because of Easter Sunday but I will go for a jog outside if its nice or maybe even for another nature walk - who knows. I just am going do so SOMETHING. I'll make another exercise chart for next week on Sunday.

I hope everyone has a good night

Keep Working Hard!


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Two workouts!

I worked out twice today! I did my 25 minutes (T25) with my coworkers and then afterwards I went to the gym for 35 minutes. So in all, that is about an hours worth of working out. I would say that wasn't bad :) I am excited to see what the weigh in has in store for me. I still feel as though my calorie intake could drop down a bit. I had a tuna sandwich and chicken caesar salad and a bag of chips from Panera and I feel like I could have done better had I skipped the sandwich and the chips. I just need to learn to make better food choices.

I am going to go to bed early like I did yesterday and go to the gym in the morning because I feel like I had so much more energy throughout the day than what I did today. I felt sluggish and tired. I think it was mostly because I went to bed around 1130ish.

So that is all.

Hope everyone has good night.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Yaay I did it!

I woke up at 4:50 and did my workout. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people there & I liked it better with more people. I was also wide awake, pushed hard and worked up a sweat. So overall, I say it was a pretty good day :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

super early work out tomorrow??

I did T25 for twenty-five minutes with my coworkers today and worked up a sweat. I than went on a nature walk as planned for about 45 minutes. It definitely beat going into a gym to workout. There is a change of plans tomorrow since I will be unable to go to the gym after work. I will try my very hardest to go to the gym before work tomorrow. So work, for me starts at 730 so I would like to leave my house between 5-530. I will work out for 45 minutes to an hour, take a quick shower than head to the grocery store to pick up fruit and thangs for work. Can I do it??

Sunday, April 13, 2014


ain't that the truth ^^

I have not updated in quite awhile. I must say that not updating and reading blog posts has definitely been part of the reason why I have had that 'I don't care' attitude. My "I don't care" attitude has allowed me to eat whatever I wanted and have very limited exercise. Sometimes, even after my limited exercise I would then continue to eat shitty food.

I also started a new job last week and for some reason I was so tired. I love my job but I would often come home and just be exhausted. It was probably because I have to learn so much new information but hopefully my sleeping so much will change once I get the hang of things.

One good thing about my job is that during lunch breaks, I am able to workout with people from work (yeah, it's great). We have been working on the dvd, T-25 (I think that is what its called) and it is a really good 25 minute workout because it really gets me sweating but than after I mess up the whole workout by eating a ton of crap.

So whats the point?? Ugh - I don't want my hard work thus far to be thrown into the shitter (so to speak) because summer is coming, I want to feel good and I liked working out and eating right. So, I am back at it tomorrow - it is supposed to be really warm (in the 70s) so I am debating weather I want to do an outside workout or go to the gym. I will still do the workout thing at my work but I want to start doing more.

There will be no weigh in this Monday (like last Monday) BUT I will write entries on my progress for the week. I also want to change my weigh in Mondays to Sundays only because now, with this new job I am off on Sundays and not Mondays. I want to be able to complete a week of eating clean and exercising regularly. I now have a M-F schedule so there should be no excuse as to why I can't get a workout in or I can't eat right especially since I live so close to my work now so I don't have to stop to get something to eat, I can just go right home and cook something.

I want to start drinking more smoothies as there are SO many fruit in the freezer that have yet to be consumed.  There is so many things I want to do as far as my eat habits but its just having the willpower to complete it and STICK with it.

I joined another diet bet after failing miserably at the one I completed. I was no where near my goal weight but I also didn't really try as hard so I am determined to do things right this time around!

This weeks schedule goes like this (based on weather) :

Monday : workout - hiking (be one with nature ;)
Tuesday: workout - gym
Wednesday: workout - gym
Thursday: workout - hiking
Friday: may workout
Saturday: early morning workout at gym or outdoors
Sunday: Weigh In dun dun dun :) than start all over again


Friday, March 28, 2014

My night

Not exactly up for any gym today. For some reason I haven't been sleeping all that well or rather I'm really tired at night but I can't seem to sleep :/ I know, it may seem like an excuse - but I will be on the grind Sunday. The reason I say Sunday and not Saturday is because I unfortunately work a double on Saturday so there is no way around going to the gym.

BUT the good news is is that it will be my LAST full weekend that I work because I start a new job Apr. 7th and I finally have a M-F schedule after years of having to work weekends. I'm not complaining because weekends are not that bad to work but I will not miss working 16 hour shifts anymore :):)

Monday I plan to weigh in, as usual. I haven't officially weighed myself in awhile and so I wonder how my Diet Bet has carried through, hopefully good? If not, okay, that is fine but if so, than sweet! I plan to enter another Diet Bet, win or lose because it's pretty fun!

Hope everyone has a good night

Take Care

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Positive Thinking

Some positive things since I have started this weight loss lifestyle:

1. I feel I am the healthiest I have ever been - even though in high school I weighed less than what I do now, I never really exercised except for PE which I was horrible at and got winded quickly.

2. I feel pretty awesome in what I wear - I am trying a lot of new clothes that I never would have worn had I been where I started at. One new thing I got on an AWESOME sale was a pair of dress shorts :)

Sorry for the very dry legs but you get the idea. I CANNOT wait to wear this out to dinner etc. with my black peplum shirt that I have yet to wear because I had nothing to wear it with.

3. I feel that if I can reach this goal and maintain the weight than I can do anything - people who have never lost weight don't know how hard it is to do so and it is even HARDER to keep it off so that will be the next struggle I will have to learn about.

4.I like being healthy. Sure, there are lots of times where I slip and get fast food cravings or sweet cravings but thinking about it now, I know that when I finish a chicken nugget meal, sure, it tastes good but I feel like a greaseball afterwards as opposed to eating a hearty chicken breast with a side of veggies.

5. Another positive thing is that I feel proud of myself and I like how when I have a goal I want to achieve that I don't give up and that not only goes with weight loss, it goes with education, careers and other lifestyle goals that I have for myself and I KNOW I can do it and I will do it.

And so, that is my little blog entry to keep my spirits high

Have a good night, All

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

out of my normal routine

Hello All,

I'm trying to blog more often so that I am not just posting Weigh Ins but actually writing about how I feel throughout the week so hopefully it will help me when I get those cravings or want to snack. I am starting to use my Lose It App again because I feel I lose weight better when I use it, knowing what I should and should not eat and knowing when I am under/over my daily caloric intake. I recommend this app or any app that allows you to track your food if you are trying to lose weight because it really does work.

If I track my food, exercise and eat better than what I have this week - I would like my weight to be down -2 lbs, come Monday. We shall see how this week goes.

Have a good night everyone :)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Weigh In #12

I am struggling!

I didn't even TRY to eat better

UGH my weigh in is 155.8 UGH UGH UGH  (1.8lbs gain)

I went to the gym 3x last week AND STILL did not eat right.

I just can't say no :(

All I can say is this week will be better - my Diet Bet is counting on it ...I NEED to be 149.6 lbs BY April 11.

I don't have much to say because I know what I need to do better, I just need to have to not give into temptation and when I want to give into it (such as food) I need to go out and DO SOMETHING to get my mind off of things.

I need to push harder because right now I'm not even trying - my motivation is dwindling and I'm not liking this feeling :(

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Late weigh in # 11

Hi Everyone!

I didn't post yesterday because I was lazy :/ Actually, I believe I had said I was going to post more during the week instead of just on Monday but again, I hath failed. I WILL try to post more often this week. I don't know why I feel like its so hard to post when really, it isn't at all - its kind of fun to look back on posts and weigh-ins & such.

Alright, so I weighed in yesterday at 154.0 so that was only a loss of .2. I am okay with that. I understand what my problem is and I want to fix it right now. My problem is that started eating shitty food (french fries, pizza etc.) and thinking that if I go to the gym I can burn off what I ate. NO! I hate thinking like this. All that sodium is making me retain water thus making me not lose the weight I want. PLUS! I have had an obsession with lemonade for some reason :/ but I have been drinking a lot of water because there is really nothing to eat/drink in my house because I have been slacking on grocery shopping.

I am in a group for Diet Bet which is going on right now. I have 4.4 lbs to go until I reach the 4% of my body fat which I need to lose in 24 days. IF I lose that THAN I am going to be in the 140s! HOW CRAZY IS THAT?! probably not for you guys, but you have to understand I have not seen 140s in a long loooong time - probably since my first couple years in college.

I hope I can make it through!

I have been going to the gym and working hard, I just have to learn to eat CLEANer because just going to the gym does not make you lose weight unless you eat clean as well. It is a packaged deal. So that is my goal this week is to eat cleaner and to go to the gym or do some form of exercise this week.

My goal for next weigh in I will hope to weigh 152 gain. BUT my outrageous goal is to lose 3.8 like I did on one weigh in Monday. Can I do it? I'll sure try!

Have a good day everyone!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Weigh In # 10

Last week I weighed in at 155.2. This week. I weighed in at 154.2. So a loss of one pound. I'm happy that I lost instead of gained but I still didn't eat and/or exercise as much as I could have. I start my Diet Bet on Friday so I'm going to go HARD. I want to win moolah haha but seriously, though, I want to lose the 4% and be proud of myself for doing so.

I worked out today since last Tuesday and I must say it was probably one of the best workouts I had in awhile. Sweat was stinging my eyes and my back was drenched but I felt really good. I wish that motivation would stay with me all the time :)

I plan on updating this blog more when my Diet Bet starts. I found that some of my motivation to keep going came from a lot of blogs I read and I really want to make blog posts on how I'm feeling during the week and not just on Mondays.

So I plan on doing another blog post sometime this week.

Alright, take care, everyone.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Weigh In # 9

I did not do so well for weigh in this week. I gained 2.8 lbs so that puts me at 155.2. I hate feeling like i'm being punished for indulging BUT I did indulge a little too much. Last week I had three days where I ate french fries and lemonade - which for some reason I had been craving lemonade even though I never drink the stuff (no, I'm not pregnant HA) but french fries, I love french fries and did not control myself at all. I also went to the gym two days last week but I might as well shouldn't have because I didn't eat right at all. I also felt as if I didn't push myself enough when I went to the gym.

I went to the gym tonight and felt really good. I got a new phone because my other phone screen cracked so I have to install the lose it app on my phone again because that app is what makes me lose the weight. I also have to look into diet bet again. I didn't join diet bet the first time because I fell ill but now I feel ready to go.

I need to gain the motivation I had the last couple months because I am ONLY 5 lbs away from being in the 140s. I feel like I always stop at 155. I like that I didn't gain no more than 155 but I find it pretty frustrating. I'm frustrated with myself but i'm also frustrated at the fact that its SO EASY to gain weight than it is to lose weight. UGH. I could go to the gym 5 days a week and not lose any weight but than I could have 3 days where I eat like crap and gain weight. BLAH

I still like the challenge and I will continue with this challenge. I want to get at my goal weight and get that damn swim suit and feel GREAT! Summer is creeping up so I plan to eat a lot better than I have and to go hard at the gym. Its only one hour out of my day - NO EXCUSES!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Weigh In # 8

I DID IT!!!! I reached my goal on my birthday. My goal was to be in the 152's and I just weighed in and I am 152.4. YAAAAY! Finally! I reached some sort of goal and I am so happy. My goal for next week is to be 150.4 and than hopefully the next weigh in after that I will be finally be in the 140s. I will be so ecstatic!

This week I plan to go hard at the gym. I ate good last week but my butt did not hit the gym once, mainly because I was still sick and hacking up a lung but I am sooo much better than I was last week so I cannot make anymore excuses. I also plan to start using my lose it app again because I honestly haven't had much of an appetite so there really isn't much to track.

I need to get back to the gym, mainly because I haven't been in a week and I fear that I will stop going altogether because that has happened in the past. What has NOT happened in the past is that I have hit 152! I haven't seen that number since...I don't even know when I have ever seen that number HA and yes, it is not all about the number but it is nice to know that hard work is paying off.

I have about 12 more lbs to go to reach my goal weight and I'm guessing I can get those 12 lbs off (and keep it off!) by the end of April? Close to warmer weather and when I hit my goal weight I will finally buy a comfortable bathing suit that I feel confident in (finally).

Well, it is my birthday so I'm going to get going and plan for a fabulous day!

Happy weigh in everyone!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Weigh In # 7

I have lost 1.6 lbs due to the fact I was pretty much sick the whole weekend and haven't had much of an appetite besides drinking lots of fluids. Even the smell of bacon yesterday made me nauseous. BACON? of all things. HA

That puts me at 153.6 which I am alright about but I fear that once my appetite comes back I'm going to go kinda crazy...(i'll try to keep it under control) I guess the good thing about this is that I can work towards hitting that 152 mark by my birthday which is next week. 

I sadly, had to quit Diet Bet because since it had started on Sunday I just felt that I would not be able to perform as well because of my being sick, even though I was still technically losing weight. I didn't want to lose the weight the wrong way by not eating and not exercising. I wanted it to be the right way. SO after I am finished with this stupid cold, I will be joining another Diet Bet. Come to think of it, I don't even remember the last time I worked it out. It must have been last Thursday because Friday is when I started feeling like poo.

Starting weight: 159.6
Current Weight: 153.6

Happy Monday Everyone!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Weigh In # 6

YESSSS! Finally a result that I am happy with :)

My weigh in this morning was 155.2!!!!! That is a 3.8 lbs weight loss. I actually do owe it to the Lose It app because I have tracked EVERYTHING that I put in my mouth and it has made me more conscious of portion sizes and how much I eat. Like I mentioned in my last post, I don't think my lack of weight loss was because of exercising because I had gone to the gym 3-5 times a week. I think it was solely on the fact I ate too much - which I now know how to change that problem.

SW - 159.6
CW - 155.2
Last weeks Weight - 159.0  

My goal is to be in the 152 range by my birthday (24th) that means I have 2 weeks to lose 3 lbs. I am hoping it could be done as I want to lose 1.5-2 lbs each week.  Also next Monday is when my diet bet starts so I know I will try extra hard so I can win some moolahhh while also losing weight :)

This left picture was taken January 12 & the right picture was taken this morning - almost a month difference and I can already see a change in how my tummy looks :)

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


On Wednesday I started tracking my food on Loseit and I had realized when I put in all my food for the Wednesday that I was over my caloric intake for the day, which I was surprised by that. After that, I have been below and I feel great! I have been drinking lots of water and working out regularly. I know it is not my weigh in just yet (tomorrow) but I checked the scale today and it said 156.2 so I am SO CLOSE to the 155 mark. I put in my workout for the day and will continue to eat really healthy so I can HOPEFULLY, FINALLY hit that mark for tomorrow! please oh please!

I start dietbet on the 17th and my first weigh in will be on the 16th. I did not want to join than start "dieting" I wanted to actually be in the groove of "dieting" beforehand so that I didn't feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I finally feel I have found my push for weigh loss. In January, I felt like I was working hard at the gym but hardly seeing any results and I honestly think it was because of my eating habits even though I thought I was eating fairly well.

Now, that I know of a way to see a change in my weight, I am confident that I will see a change. I am trying not to think about numbers as much but its pretty because that is what I want to see is a decrease in my weight. I feel healthy. Well, healthier than I was several years ago but I have been wanting to see a certain number in my weight and for right now, that is essentially what I am working hard for.

I can't wait for the weigh in tomorrow!

Lets see how it goes!

Good night everyone

Monday, February 3, 2014

Weigh In #5

Weigh In did not go as planned. After my 4 day recovery, I got on the scale and to my dismay had shot back up to 159.0 BUT i'm ok with that - I just do not get it. I have been drinking so much water, watching my portions, going to the gym and if not the gym than I was jogging outside so what is the deal?!

I guess the reason I am not so worked up about it is that I know I have been doing well. It is not like I had been sneaking cookies, pie & cake after my workouts or doing anything I am not happy with or regretted. I do know that my jacket feels a lot looser now so that is kind of weird that I gained weight (apparently) but still feel like I lost weight. WHAT GIVES?!

SW: 159.6
CW: 159.0

So back to the drawing board! I did not feel like going to the gym or jogging and so I did a Biggest Loser Cardio Workout. DAMN, I forgot how much of a workout that dvd gives a person. Sweat was going into my eyes, that is how much I was sweating. After the 45 minutes, I could hardly stand BUT I was happy I got a workout in before I left for work.

ALSO, I joined dietbet. If you don't know what that is than search I bet 10$ that I can lose 4% of my body weight in a month so roughly seven lbs. I wanted to start off with a small bet and maybe work myself higher? Hmm, I don't know. It depends if this works for me or not. I start my weigh in on February 15 but I am still going to do my workout routine before than.

Can I do it? Can I lose 7 lbs in a month? I have only been trying all of January!! This will give me the kick in the pants that I need and hopefully be a little more strict on working out hard and how much/what I consume on a daily basis.

I am basically trying to do whatever I think will help me lose weight. If betting my money helps me reach my goal than so be it. I am willing to try anything EXCEPT go on a specific diet to do so. I want to stick with just being accountable and eating foods in moderation as well as portioning my meals instead of restricting myself.

I know I can do this.

This will be the ultimate test.

Diet Bet here I come!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bathing Suit 2014

My motivation for sure! I also like the high waisted bikini bottoms. This is my summer. This. Is. My. Summer. I want/will be confident in a bathing suit this year. Yaaaaas

Friday, January 31, 2014

Feeling Awesome!

I was so close to not going to the gym tonight. I told myself yesterday that I wasn't going to go and so I didn't and then tonight I told myself the same thing. I told myself that I would just do more on Sunday (I wouldn't be able to attend the gym Saturday because I work a double) and so I kept thinking, thinking, thinking about me not going to the gym for two days in a row and then I thought I would just go for a run but I made the excuse that it was too dark. Than I FINALLY decided to go and I can't even explain how happy  I am that I went! I went on the stepper/elliptical contraption for 30 minutes than to my surprise ran on a speed of 5.7 for 15 minutes! Ahh, I was so happy and to my amazement, even thought I was sweating so much, I still felt like I could do more! But I walked for about 2 minutes to cool off and called it quits.

I also got some new sneakers! I'll take a picture of them very soon. I through my other ones in the trash because I have had them for three years and they're kind of beat up plus they smell preeeetty bad.

I actually decided to go to the gym because I was reading some blogs about working out today and it got me motivated to do the same. So go you!

I hope everyone has an awesome night!

I know I shouldn't think this, but I really hope that the scale on Monday reflects my recovery and how hard i'm working *crosses fingers*

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I don't want to go!

This video made me get off my butt and go to the gym tonight. I really didn't want to go but I went for 30 minutes on the elliptical and sweat my butt off. I'm glad I went.

I installed a squat challenger app on my phone and I don't find squats to be all that bad, except for my legs burning but I get past the pain. After that, I did about 20 minutes of both squats, jumping jacks, weights and other various exercises but I felt that was not enough so after watching this video I decided to go.

I love this guy! He has a whole weight loss channel on Youtube and he is so positive and encouraging. He really motivates me and I enjoy watching his videos. So Shay, thank you for the kick in the ass you gave me...I needed it.


Goodnight Everyone!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Need to get my sh*t together!

Ugh, I've been eating horrible =(

On Saturday, I went out with Craig's daughter out to a buffet. Granted, I only had one plate but it wasn't exactly the healthiest (stuffing, garlic bread, orange chicken etc.) than two glasses of chocolate milk, arg.

Monday I had like 3 slices of pizza for supper (and they weren't small pieces, either)

Today, I went to Panda Express and had chow mien, orange chicken and some beef thingy. UGH

I don't want to eat like this anymore.

So right now I made a celery, banana, spinach, strawberry smoothie for work tomorrow and I am making oatmeal squares with sunflower seed and dried fruit to bring as well.

I am still working out but it deficits the purpose if I eat like shit so I am trying to find a balance.

The rest of the week I am going to eat very clean and work out as much as I can!

This week looks like:

Wednesday: Gym or jog
Thursday: Gym or jog
Friday: Gym or jog
Saturday: work two doubles - no gym
Sunday: Gym or jog

Yesterday I went on a run and now my legs are sore from slipping and sliding on snow but I like the feeling. I want to start doing squats everyday (starting tomorrow) and I am thinking of doing a 5 day smoothie challenge next week.

My problem is I have to start saying I am going to do something and JUST DO IT. So far I have worked out and ate fairly well but I want to start doing more for myself and being more productive.

That is about it

Have a good night!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Weigh In # 4

I am down .4 today. I now weigh 156.6. I am 1.6 lbs away from being 155. When I hit 155 that will be my real challenge as I have not been below 155 since...forever! It is coming off slow. I would like to see at least a full pound or two each week but I am glad that I am losing something each week.

My birthday is coming up in less than a month (February 24) & I REALLY want to be down to 150. I am going to work extra hard to reach this goal because than I will have 5-10 lbs until I reach my goal. I. Can. Do. It :)

I really want to start drinking smoothies more. I would start juicing but its an annoying clean up and I feel I don't get full enough during the day. I think I will start looking on pinterest for some easy smoothie recipes. I don't really have much else to say.

SW: 159.6
CW: 156.6

Hope everyone has a good Monday.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Brutal Workout

Jogging was brutal today. It said it was 12 degrees on my phone but it felt like -10. UGH! But I jogged but not for too long, probably for 10 minutes. I couldn't do anymore than that because my fingers were freezing. So this is my workout schedule for this week.

January 19-25
Sunday - Shoveled snow for 1 hour
Monday - Jogging/Walking for 30-45 minutes
Tuesday - Jogged for 10 minutes
Wednesday - work double (no gym)
Thursday - Gym
Friday - Jogging
Saturday - Probably Ice skating

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weigh In # 3

After those five days at the gym last week, I have weighed in at only 157.0--BUT I also started my period (I know a lot of people probably don't want to hear that). Last Friday I had a date night on Friday. Craig (my boyfriend) and I went to Olive Garden, shopping than the movies. At Olive Garden I had lasagna but had half ONLY because i had like four bread sticks - but they were SO good :/

We had nothing at the movies (which we usually have at least a large drink of ice - t) we just brought water with us. During the weekend I spent 40 hours at work (not intentional) but I ate relatively well. I had gone shopping for myself and bought pretty healthy foods and I felt really good about not caving in and buy junk food. I actually looked at the nutrition facts when it came to things like peanut butter and decided what PB to buy according to what I thought was the healthiest.

I did not go to the gym over the weekend because of work BUT I did about an hour shoveling both Saturday & Sunday and my knees and arms are still aching! So I count that as a workout :)

Today, I really did not want to work out and I made the excuse that I was too crampy to go to the gym. INSTEAD I went outside and jogged. It felt so nice. It was cloudy, cold, and my sneakers got wet but SO WHAT. I often felt myself smiling while I was running because I remember when I was unable to run such a long distance and I felt great.

SW - 159.6
CW - 157.0

I was also smiling because I pushed myself even though I reaaaally did not want to go to the gym, I found an alternative. I pushed myself halfway up this really steep hill as I was jogging back home and so I stopped halfway because I was so tired so I took several seconds to re-coop than I went the rest of the way. I will not lie, my throat burned, I thought I was going to throw up, I was so out of breath BUT. I. DID. IT! I was almost thinking I would make that as sort of a challenge to myself if I didn't want to run a long distance. I would walk down the hill than run up it 5-10 times. Hmm, I might think of doing that sometime...

Hope everyone had a good workout today!

Have a good night :)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Words of encouragement help!

These are the status comments I received on Facebook when I announced for the ump-teenth time time this week that I was at Planet Fitness from my cellular device :)

1. I wish I had your will power when it comes to something like that! I see your post everyday about going. That's awesome!
2. Rachel, I'm trying to be like you. I have been goin everyday since this week.
3.Good job! Do it out of habit and eventually it will stop being a chore. 
4.I love that you go before I go every day, because it holds me accountable! You're awesome!
5. Keep it up Rachel, you can do it!!

It is totally cool that I receive these on a daily basis because it motivates me to try even harder. My legs are so weak and hurting right now from going to the gym today but I LOVE IT! I love that I feel this way because I know I am doing SOMETHING right at the gym. I love that I feel pain the next day in my legs and stomach area-is that strange? 

I know that I am not pushing myself hard at the gym if :
1. I am not constantly wiping sweat from my eyes
2. My shirt isn't soaked front and back
3. I'm not making unattractive faces
4. I'm not making noises, wishing to stop
5. And I am not dying of thirst

Today, I REALLY didn't want to go to the gym because I had just got off of work and I really wanted to go home afterwards but instead I went straight to the gym, that way I could just get it over with and I still want to keep that mental note that the gym is ONLY for 1 hour. That is not a long time. Some people do more than an hour but I think an hour for me is just fine.

Before the gym I always say to myself that I am only going to go for 30 minutes but I always push myself to go for that whole hour once I am in the zone. It is an awesome feeling and its only week two! I really want to be able to lose those two pounds for my weigh in on Monday! Will I do it??

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Push Yourself!

Another successful day at the gym. When I left the gym, I was soaked with sweat both front and back and so I knew today was a good day. I tried a machine that I had not tried in awhile. Its a machine that always seemed to kick my ass. The machine basically makes you step takes steps (my descriptions suck) and you can set how much resistance you want and how high you want to step. I had my eye on it today because I was on the treadmill and I ran for 5 minutes and talked myself out of doing the last 5 minutes because I was "tired." When I stopped running, I wasn't even tired, I was sweating but I was not out of breath or wanting to die AND I could still breath with my mouth closed, fine. I walked the rest of the 25 minutes I had left.

As I was walking I was looking at that stepper machine and decided that I was going to push myself on that machine after I was done on the treadmill and I must say it was a really good workout after I got off that machine. I loved it! I saw a guy next to me sweating so bad. He had a puddle of sweat on the floor below him. That may sound disgusting (it kind of is) but it just showed how committed he was and I wanted to be the same way, so I made it a point to work really hard and I did. I accomplished an awesome workout.

I am planning on going on that stepper machine again tomorrow! So far, I have gone to the gym every day since Sunday and like I had said a few entries ago that I plan on going everyday except for Saturday, as that will be my rest day PLUS I work a double that day so there is no way I will make it there.

I have also been eating well, drinking water and tracking what I eat. Things are going really well so far and even though I have only lost two lbs so far, I. Feel. GREAT. I already feel better in my clothes. I can't wait to hit the 155 mark so that I can finally push hard to finally get below 155. It has been like 3 years and every time I lose weight I never get below that point. This year, its time.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Weigh in # 2

I am down .4! At least it is something right?! Yesterday was when I was extra cautious of what I put in my body. I even started tracking again. I realized that no matter how many tracking apps I  install on my phone I always never track when it comes to tracking everything I eat. So I have a little purple notebook that I had bought a while back that I am using for tracking.

SW: 159.6
CW: 157.6

Since I will be going to the gym more often this week and tracking what I eat, I am shooting for 155.6-2 lbs. This will be awesome because every time EVERY TIME I hit 155 lbs I stop & than I gain weight. It doesn't make sense to me. This blog will help me. I know it. I am so exciteeeeeeed :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Make it count!

Welcome to my stomach pudge, stretch marks and all, yay. I want to see progress on my stomach being it pretty much the part of my body I want to work on the most. To me, as of right now I do want to be healthy but right now I am focusing more on losing weight and less on wanting to eat healthier to BE healthier. Does that make sense? The scale has gone up, some and I think it was a result of not a good two days but I did go to the gym today and plan on going Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. I loved going to the gym early in the morning and it would be nice to keep up with it. Today, there were hardly any people there. Most probably being the fact that it was healthy but once I was ready to leave it started to fill up quick.

Last weeks workout schedule looked like this:
Monday - Gym - 1 hr
Tuesday - Gym - 35 min

I was going to go on Saturday but it was so icy and YES, I could have done workouts at home but sadly, I didn't even do that.

This weeks gym schedule
Sunday - 1 hour
Monday - 1 hour (weigh in # 2)
Tuesday - 1 hour
Wednesday - 1 hour
Thursday - 1 hour
Friday - 1 hour
Saturday - rest day 

I'm ready to bust ass at the gym this week because I am not too confident about weigh in #2.  Every time I complete a gym day I will put it in bold

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bad Day

My workout schedule this week said I was going to work out on Thursday. I talked myself out of it and ended up going to bed at 7:30 instead. I have been so tired this week but for the most part I have been eating good...UNTIL TODAY. I had two helpings of chicken nuggets and french fries and than two sugar cookies with two scoops of vanilla ice cream. GAH. I need to keep up with staying motivated because I don't know how this weeks weigh in is going to be. I really think that since I did not work out Thursday AND now Friday because of plans that I will go on Saturday at some point than definitely early Sunday morning.

I am trying to ingrain in myself that yes, I had a bad day but to keep. going. I got this!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finally did an early morning workout!

I finally was able to go to the gym really early in the morning and watch the sunrise at about 7:30am. I was surprised at how many people were at the gym. I was kind of hoping that I would be one of the only ones there just so I could be by myself but I actually did like that there were a lot of people there. It made me think of all the determined people out there striving for some of the same things - to be healthy, lose weight, and/or maintain their weight.

I hope I can push myself to go to the gym more often, although I need to make sure I eat enough because I could hardly jog on the treadmill without feeling light headed. No, I am not starving myself, I just made stupid choice to not pick up anything for breakfast except coffee. I need to make sure I am giving my body the nutrients it needs AS WELL as eating enough so that my metabolism doesn't slow down causing me to gain more weight. Like I said, I want to (hopefully) lose two pounds for my second weigh in.

My Gym Plan + What I have done so far for January 6 - January 11

Sunday - No gym
Monday - Gym - 1 hr
Tuesday - Gym - 35 min
Wednesday - No gym (working a double)
Thursday - Gym (after meeting)
Friday - No gym
Saturday - Gym  (early morning workout)

Monday, January 6, 2014

1st Weigh In of 2014.

My cat gave me a scare on Saturday and I almost think I have not cried so hard in a long time. I had to bring my cat Carmen to the emergency vet because she was jerking her head and clawing at her face causing her face to bleed (she could have been turning into a zombie for all I know) but it all turned out that she had a bad tooth that needed to be pulled and so they took it out, gave me antibiotics for her and I went on my way. She is just like her old self again, cuddling with me and begging for food multiple times a day.

To some people, it might seem kind of silly that I was fussing over a cat so much but once you have a pet and it becomes apart of your family, its hard to see them in pain and I honestly thought she was choking and was going to die. I might have been overreacting just a tad but I thought about her dying and I lost it. I can't help it. She's been with me since I was sixteen so she is something I get really emotional about when I see that she is in pain or really sick (which she never is). So now that she is better, I can move on from that...

I have weighed myself this morning. I am now 158.0 so I have lost 1.6. I was kind of hoping to be in the 157's because I weighed myself a couple days ago and it said 157.6 but for my first weigh in of this year I wanted to lose anything. I wanted to recap how my week has been and see what I need to change or do more of. I am happy I lost something, don't get me wrong but I am rooting for two pounds for next week.

SW: 159.6
CW: 158.0

My goal is to plan to drink ONLY tea & water for the week. I have done that pretty much all this week but I didn't drink enough water. I have also come to the realization that I like tea. I never was a fan of tea but its actually not bad and I want to drink more and discover more flavors.

I have also discovered mandarins. O. M. G. I could eat them all day long. I bought a bag for snacking on at work and each one was so friggen delicious. OH! OH! I should also, this week be more aware of eating more vegetables. I can eat a lot of fruit but I should really be eating more green vegetables as well.

So that is all, so far.

I will be attending the gym today. That is another thing. I only went to the gym maybe two times last week because of storms and because of working overtime. I find it OKAY to work out at home but I don't really push myself enough and I really don't enjoy it as much as the gym. But I will try to get better at it in case of another storm.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Get up & do something!

Hey again!

I was motivated to go to the gym today even though there was a storm outside my window. This is how it went:

I came home at two from work and was really tired and so I took a nap until about six. I logged onto face book and saw that someone had gone to Planet Fitness so that made me want to go to despite the weather and so I drove to Planet Fitness at around 7:45p only to see a sign saying they were closing at 8 because of the weather.

I then went to Walmart to get a few things, went home and decided that since I am still in my workout clothes that I would do a workout. It is pretty simple, all you do is log onto Youtube and there are so many different workouts you can chose from. I started off doing a reggae workout (I looked ridiculous) than a circuit training workout. Now, I feet satisfied that I at least did SOMETHING.

It looks as though there is still going to be a big storm tomorrow so probably no gym after work but I will definetely want to get a workout in whether it be at the gym or at home. I also want to search for more cute workout pants at TjMaxx (just saying) :)

By being subscribed to so many people who are in the same boat as I am really gets me motivated and it really makes me want to get up and get my heart racing. I wasn't even thinking of working out today until I saw someone on Facebook had gone to Planet Fitness and it made me want to do the same.

Monday is weigh In day so I got to make these days count. My first goal is to lose at least SOMETHING, ANYTHING. From this day on, I need to work on drinking water, water, water & more water. I drink water but not as much as I can.  But I am happy to say that SO FAR my eating habits are doing good.

Hope everyone has a good day. DRIVE safe but don't really go out if you don't have to :)