Sunday, April 13, 2014


ain't that the truth ^^

I have not updated in quite awhile. I must say that not updating and reading blog posts has definitely been part of the reason why I have had that 'I don't care' attitude. My "I don't care" attitude has allowed me to eat whatever I wanted and have very limited exercise. Sometimes, even after my limited exercise I would then continue to eat shitty food.

I also started a new job last week and for some reason I was so tired. I love my job but I would often come home and just be exhausted. It was probably because I have to learn so much new information but hopefully my sleeping so much will change once I get the hang of things.

One good thing about my job is that during lunch breaks, I am able to workout with people from work (yeah, it's great). We have been working on the dvd, T-25 (I think that is what its called) and it is a really good 25 minute workout because it really gets me sweating but than after I mess up the whole workout by eating a ton of crap.

So whats the point?? Ugh - I don't want my hard work thus far to be thrown into the shitter (so to speak) because summer is coming, I want to feel good and I liked working out and eating right. So, I am back at it tomorrow - it is supposed to be really warm (in the 70s) so I am debating weather I want to do an outside workout or go to the gym. I will still do the workout thing at my work but I want to start doing more.

There will be no weigh in this Monday (like last Monday) BUT I will write entries on my progress for the week. I also want to change my weigh in Mondays to Sundays only because now, with this new job I am off on Sundays and not Mondays. I want to be able to complete a week of eating clean and exercising regularly. I now have a M-F schedule so there should be no excuse as to why I can't get a workout in or I can't eat right especially since I live so close to my work now so I don't have to stop to get something to eat, I can just go right home and cook something.

I want to start drinking more smoothies as there are SO many fruit in the freezer that have yet to be consumed.  There is so many things I want to do as far as my eat habits but its just having the willpower to complete it and STICK with it.

I joined another diet bet after failing miserably at the one I completed. I was no where near my goal weight but I also didn't really try as hard so I am determined to do things right this time around!

This weeks schedule goes like this (based on weather) :

Monday : workout - hiking (be one with nature ;)
Tuesday: workout - gym
Wednesday: workout - gym
Thursday: workout - hiking
Friday: may workout
Saturday: early morning workout at gym or outdoors
Sunday: Weigh In dun dun dun :) than start all over again


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