Friday, January 31, 2014

Feeling Awesome!

I was so close to not going to the gym tonight. I told myself yesterday that I wasn't going to go and so I didn't and then tonight I told myself the same thing. I told myself that I would just do more on Sunday (I wouldn't be able to attend the gym Saturday because I work a double) and so I kept thinking, thinking, thinking about me not going to the gym for two days in a row and then I thought I would just go for a run but I made the excuse that it was too dark. Than I FINALLY decided to go and I can't even explain how happy  I am that I went! I went on the stepper/elliptical contraption for 30 minutes than to my surprise ran on a speed of 5.7 for 15 minutes! Ahh, I was so happy and to my amazement, even thought I was sweating so much, I still felt like I could do more! But I walked for about 2 minutes to cool off and called it quits.

I also got some new sneakers! I'll take a picture of them very soon. I through my other ones in the trash because I have had them for three years and they're kind of beat up plus they smell preeeetty bad.

I actually decided to go to the gym because I was reading some blogs about working out today and it got me motivated to do the same. So go you!

I hope everyone has an awesome night!

I know I shouldn't think this, but I really hope that the scale on Monday reflects my recovery and how hard i'm working *crosses fingers*

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