Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Words of encouragement help!

These are the status comments I received on Facebook when I announced for the ump-teenth time time this week that I was at Planet Fitness from my cellular device :)

1. I wish I had your will power when it comes to something like that! I see your post everyday about going. That's awesome!
2. Rachel, I'm trying to be like you. I have been goin everyday since this week.
3.Good job! Do it out of habit and eventually it will stop being a chore. 
4.I love that you go before I go every day, because it holds me accountable! You're awesome!
5. Keep it up Rachel, you can do it!!

It is totally cool that I receive these on a daily basis because it motivates me to try even harder. My legs are so weak and hurting right now from going to the gym today but I LOVE IT! I love that I feel this way because I know I am doing SOMETHING right at the gym. I love that I feel pain the next day in my legs and stomach area-is that strange? 

I know that I am not pushing myself hard at the gym if :
1. I am not constantly wiping sweat from my eyes
2. My shirt isn't soaked front and back
3. I'm not making unattractive faces
4. I'm not making noises, wishing to stop
5. And I am not dying of thirst

Today, I REALLY didn't want to go to the gym because I had just got off of work and I really wanted to go home afterwards but instead I went straight to the gym, that way I could just get it over with and I still want to keep that mental note that the gym is ONLY for 1 hour. That is not a long time. Some people do more than an hour but I think an hour for me is just fine.

Before the gym I always say to myself that I am only going to go for 30 minutes but I always push myself to go for that whole hour once I am in the zone. It is an awesome feeling and its only week two! I really want to be able to lose those two pounds for my weigh in on Monday! Will I do it??

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