Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 3

Yesterday, I did good. I did T25 with my coworkers and than went to the gym for a little over an hour. My boyfriend picked me up from the gym with a friend and we went to Cumberland Farms. I went inside and solo wanted a muffin or a candy but I tikd myself no and ended up getting a caesur salad. It was really good and I forgot about my want for sweets and candy once I got home.

   What has really helped me is when I think about my goals and what I want to accomplish, step by step...I think about the people that I am competing against and what they would do different if they were in my shoes and it works for me.

   I weighed in today at 157.0, which I am assuming is all water weight. I can't go to the gym tonight but I am doing the T25 workout with my coworkers.

I hope everyone has an awesome day!

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