Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Need to get my sh*t together!

Ugh, I've been eating horrible =(

On Saturday, I went out with Craig's daughter out to a buffet. Granted, I only had one plate but it wasn't exactly the healthiest (stuffing, garlic bread, orange chicken etc.) than two glasses of chocolate milk, arg.

Monday I had like 3 slices of pizza for supper (and they weren't small pieces, either)

Today, I went to Panda Express and had chow mien, orange chicken and some beef thingy. UGH

I don't want to eat like this anymore.

So right now I made a celery, banana, spinach, strawberry smoothie for work tomorrow and I am making oatmeal squares with sunflower seed and dried fruit to bring as well.

I am still working out but it deficits the purpose if I eat like shit so I am trying to find a balance.

The rest of the week I am going to eat very clean and work out as much as I can!

This week looks like:

Wednesday: Gym or jog
Thursday: Gym or jog
Friday: Gym or jog
Saturday: work two doubles - no gym
Sunday: Gym or jog

Yesterday I went on a run and now my legs are sore from slipping and sliding on snow but I like the feeling. I want to start doing squats everyday (starting tomorrow) and I am thinking of doing a 5 day smoothie challenge next week.

My problem is I have to start saying I am going to do something and JUST DO IT. So far I have worked out and ate fairly well but I want to start doing more for myself and being more productive.

That is about it

Have a good night!

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