Sunday, June 1, 2014

I'm back!

It's been a long time! I am sad to say my absence has not been good news. I probably gained about 3 lbs since I have been away. I haven't been exercising enough and when I do I ruin it by eating like complete crap. Today, I started eating right again & to start off I went for a 15 minute walk. I have started using my lose It app again to track my meals.

I actually made this really good dinner. I got the idea from a YouTube channel that i'm subscribed to. You basically cook a sweet potato in the oven for an hour than while that's cooking you saute (sp?) veggies (celery, onions, green pepper) and than after the sweet potato is done cooking you split it in half and put the veggies inside. SO GOOD! I will definitely be having that again.

I have made a goal for myself that I will go to the gym in the morning 4x this week before I go into work. It will be tough for me but I know once I get into the routine, it won't be so bad. I would actually rather go in the morning anyway so I can get it out of the way because so many times after work I say I'm going to go to the gym but I never do (insert excuse).

I feel good, feel motivated! and am ready to get back on track.

I will do an official weigh in tomorrow to see where I am at and once I see some positive changes, I will rejoin a Diet Bet. I always fall off the bandwagon half way in and it's annoying!

Alright, until tomorrow!


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