Sunday, July 13, 2014

Day Before - Diet Bet with Scola Dondo!

Its been awhile.

I joined another DietBet. Now, instead of betting 10$ I bet 25$ and if I do lose 4% of my body weight in a month (6.3lbs) than I get a free pair of Nike sneakers that I can customize myself. That is a pretty good incentive!

I have feel off the band wagon with good diet and exercise. Actually, I exercise at work but than that gets destroyed by my bad diet. I would like to finally get out of the 150s. I have struggled with getting out of the 150s for 3 years now (no joke). I am currently 157.6 and if I do lose the weight than I will be 151. That would be amazing!

I miss the feeling of feeling amazing. If anything, I feel sluggish and tired.

The dietbet starts tomorrow and to be honest, I am scared because I don't want to fail but I'm ready to lose and feel great!

Wish me luck!

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