Sunday, January 12, 2014

Make it count!

Welcome to my stomach pudge, stretch marks and all, yay. I want to see progress on my stomach being it pretty much the part of my body I want to work on the most. To me, as of right now I do want to be healthy but right now I am focusing more on losing weight and less on wanting to eat healthier to BE healthier. Does that make sense? The scale has gone up, some and I think it was a result of not a good two days but I did go to the gym today and plan on going Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. I loved going to the gym early in the morning and it would be nice to keep up with it. Today, there were hardly any people there. Most probably being the fact that it was healthy but once I was ready to leave it started to fill up quick.

Last weeks workout schedule looked like this:
Monday - Gym - 1 hr
Tuesday - Gym - 35 min

I was going to go on Saturday but it was so icy and YES, I could have done workouts at home but sadly, I didn't even do that.

This weeks gym schedule
Sunday - 1 hour
Monday - 1 hour (weigh in # 2)
Tuesday - 1 hour
Wednesday - 1 hour
Thursday - 1 hour
Friday - 1 hour
Saturday - rest day 

I'm ready to bust ass at the gym this week because I am not too confident about weigh in #2.  Every time I complete a gym day I will put it in bold

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