Monday, January 20, 2014

Weigh In # 3

After those five days at the gym last week, I have weighed in at only 157.0--BUT I also started my period (I know a lot of people probably don't want to hear that). Last Friday I had a date night on Friday. Craig (my boyfriend) and I went to Olive Garden, shopping than the movies. At Olive Garden I had lasagna but had half ONLY because i had like four bread sticks - but they were SO good :/

We had nothing at the movies (which we usually have at least a large drink of ice - t) we just brought water with us. During the weekend I spent 40 hours at work (not intentional) but I ate relatively well. I had gone shopping for myself and bought pretty healthy foods and I felt really good about not caving in and buy junk food. I actually looked at the nutrition facts when it came to things like peanut butter and decided what PB to buy according to what I thought was the healthiest.

I did not go to the gym over the weekend because of work BUT I did about an hour shoveling both Saturday & Sunday and my knees and arms are still aching! So I count that as a workout :)

Today, I really did not want to work out and I made the excuse that I was too crampy to go to the gym. INSTEAD I went outside and jogged. It felt so nice. It was cloudy, cold, and my sneakers got wet but SO WHAT. I often felt myself smiling while I was running because I remember when I was unable to run such a long distance and I felt great.

SW - 159.6
CW - 157.0

I was also smiling because I pushed myself even though I reaaaally did not want to go to the gym, I found an alternative. I pushed myself halfway up this really steep hill as I was jogging back home and so I stopped halfway because I was so tired so I took several seconds to re-coop than I went the rest of the way. I will not lie, my throat burned, I thought I was going to throw up, I was so out of breath BUT. I. DID. IT! I was almost thinking I would make that as sort of a challenge to myself if I didn't want to run a long distance. I would walk down the hill than run up it 5-10 times. Hmm, I might think of doing that sometime...

Hope everyone had a good workout today!

Have a good night :)

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