Sunday, February 9, 2014


On Wednesday I started tracking my food on Loseit and I had realized when I put in all my food for the Wednesday that I was over my caloric intake for the day, which I was surprised by that. After that, I have been below and I feel great! I have been drinking lots of water and working out regularly. I know it is not my weigh in just yet (tomorrow) but I checked the scale today and it said 156.2 so I am SO CLOSE to the 155 mark. I put in my workout for the day and will continue to eat really healthy so I can HOPEFULLY, FINALLY hit that mark for tomorrow! please oh please!

I start dietbet on the 17th and my first weigh in will be on the 16th. I did not want to join than start "dieting" I wanted to actually be in the groove of "dieting" beforehand so that I didn't feel overwhelmed and frustrated. I finally feel I have found my push for weigh loss. In January, I felt like I was working hard at the gym but hardly seeing any results and I honestly think it was because of my eating habits even though I thought I was eating fairly well.

Now, that I know of a way to see a change in my weight, I am confident that I will see a change. I am trying not to think about numbers as much but its pretty because that is what I want to see is a decrease in my weight. I feel healthy. Well, healthier than I was several years ago but I have been wanting to see a certain number in my weight and for right now, that is essentially what I am working hard for.

I can't wait for the weigh in tomorrow!

Lets see how it goes!

Good night everyone

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