Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Finally did an early morning workout!

I finally was able to go to the gym really early in the morning and watch the sunrise at about 7:30am. I was surprised at how many people were at the gym. I was kind of hoping that I would be one of the only ones there just so I could be by myself but I actually did like that there were a lot of people there. It made me think of all the determined people out there striving for some of the same things - to be healthy, lose weight, and/or maintain their weight.

I hope I can push myself to go to the gym more often, although I need to make sure I eat enough because I could hardly jog on the treadmill without feeling light headed. No, I am not starving myself, I just made stupid choice to not pick up anything for breakfast except coffee. I need to make sure I am giving my body the nutrients it needs AS WELL as eating enough so that my metabolism doesn't slow down causing me to gain more weight. Like I said, I want to (hopefully) lose two pounds for my second weigh in.

My Gym Plan + What I have done so far for January 6 - January 11

Sunday - No gym
Monday - Gym - 1 hr
Tuesday - Gym - 35 min
Wednesday - No gym (working a double)
Thursday - Gym (after meeting)
Friday - No gym
Saturday - Gym  (early morning workout)

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