Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Push Yourself!

Another successful day at the gym. When I left the gym, I was soaked with sweat both front and back and so I knew today was a good day. I tried a machine that I had not tried in awhile. Its a machine that always seemed to kick my ass. The machine basically makes you step takes steps (my descriptions suck) and you can set how much resistance you want and how high you want to step. I had my eye on it today because I was on the treadmill and I ran for 5 minutes and talked myself out of doing the last 5 minutes because I was "tired." When I stopped running, I wasn't even tired, I was sweating but I was not out of breath or wanting to die AND I could still breath with my mouth closed, fine. I walked the rest of the 25 minutes I had left.

As I was walking I was looking at that stepper machine and decided that I was going to push myself on that machine after I was done on the treadmill and I must say it was a really good workout after I got off that machine. I loved it! I saw a guy next to me sweating so bad. He had a puddle of sweat on the floor below him. That may sound disgusting (it kind of is) but it just showed how committed he was and I wanted to be the same way, so I made it a point to work really hard and I did. I accomplished an awesome workout.

I am planning on going on that stepper machine again tomorrow! So far, I have gone to the gym every day since Sunday and like I had said a few entries ago that I plan on going everyday except for Saturday, as that will be my rest day PLUS I work a double that day so there is no way I will make it there.

I have also been eating well, drinking water and tracking what I eat. Things are going really well so far and even though I have only lost two lbs so far, I. Feel. GREAT. I already feel better in my clothes. I can't wait to hit the 155 mark so that I can finally push hard to finally get below 155. It has been like 3 years and every time I lose weight I never get below that point. This year, its time.

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