Friday, March 28, 2014

My night

Not exactly up for any gym today. For some reason I haven't been sleeping all that well or rather I'm really tired at night but I can't seem to sleep :/ I know, it may seem like an excuse - but I will be on the grind Sunday. The reason I say Sunday and not Saturday is because I unfortunately work a double on Saturday so there is no way around going to the gym.

BUT the good news is is that it will be my LAST full weekend that I work because I start a new job Apr. 7th and I finally have a M-F schedule after years of having to work weekends. I'm not complaining because weekends are not that bad to work but I will not miss working 16 hour shifts anymore :):)

Monday I plan to weigh in, as usual. I haven't officially weighed myself in awhile and so I wonder how my Diet Bet has carried through, hopefully good? If not, okay, that is fine but if so, than sweet! I plan to enter another Diet Bet, win or lose because it's pretty fun!

Hope everyone has a good night

Take Care

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