Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Positive Thinking

Some positive things since I have started this weight loss lifestyle:

1. I feel I am the healthiest I have ever been - even though in high school I weighed less than what I do now, I never really exercised except for PE which I was horrible at and got winded quickly.

2. I feel pretty awesome in what I wear - I am trying a lot of new clothes that I never would have worn had I been where I started at. One new thing I got on an AWESOME sale was a pair of dress shorts :)

Sorry for the very dry legs but you get the idea. I CANNOT wait to wear this out to dinner etc. with my black peplum shirt that I have yet to wear because I had nothing to wear it with.

3. I feel that if I can reach this goal and maintain the weight than I can do anything - people who have never lost weight don't know how hard it is to do so and it is even HARDER to keep it off so that will be the next struggle I will have to learn about.

4.I like being healthy. Sure, there are lots of times where I slip and get fast food cravings or sweet cravings but thinking about it now, I know that when I finish a chicken nugget meal, sure, it tastes good but I feel like a greaseball afterwards as opposed to eating a hearty chicken breast with a side of veggies.

5. Another positive thing is that I feel proud of myself and I like how when I have a goal I want to achieve that I don't give up and that not only goes with weight loss, it goes with education, careers and other lifestyle goals that I have for myself and I KNOW I can do it and I will do it.

And so, that is my little blog entry to keep my spirits high

Have a good night, All


  1. that is so awesome!! clothes is the best way to see the victories off of the scale