Monday, January 6, 2014

1st Weigh In of 2014.

My cat gave me a scare on Saturday and I almost think I have not cried so hard in a long time. I had to bring my cat Carmen to the emergency vet because she was jerking her head and clawing at her face causing her face to bleed (she could have been turning into a zombie for all I know) but it all turned out that she had a bad tooth that needed to be pulled and so they took it out, gave me antibiotics for her and I went on my way. She is just like her old self again, cuddling with me and begging for food multiple times a day.

To some people, it might seem kind of silly that I was fussing over a cat so much but once you have a pet and it becomes apart of your family, its hard to see them in pain and I honestly thought she was choking and was going to die. I might have been overreacting just a tad but I thought about her dying and I lost it. I can't help it. She's been with me since I was sixteen so she is something I get really emotional about when I see that she is in pain or really sick (which she never is). So now that she is better, I can move on from that...

I have weighed myself this morning. I am now 158.0 so I have lost 1.6. I was kind of hoping to be in the 157's because I weighed myself a couple days ago and it said 157.6 but for my first weigh in of this year I wanted to lose anything. I wanted to recap how my week has been and see what I need to change or do more of. I am happy I lost something, don't get me wrong but I am rooting for two pounds for next week.

SW: 159.6
CW: 158.0

My goal is to plan to drink ONLY tea & water for the week. I have done that pretty much all this week but I didn't drink enough water. I have also come to the realization that I like tea. I never was a fan of tea but its actually not bad and I want to drink more and discover more flavors.

I have also discovered mandarins. O. M. G. I could eat them all day long. I bought a bag for snacking on at work and each one was so friggen delicious. OH! OH! I should also, this week be more aware of eating more vegetables. I can eat a lot of fruit but I should really be eating more green vegetables as well.

So that is all, so far.

I will be attending the gym today. That is another thing. I only went to the gym maybe two times last week because of storms and because of working overtime. I find it OKAY to work out at home but I don't really push myself enough and I really don't enjoy it as much as the gym. But I will try to get better at it in case of another storm.

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