Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Another day at the gym today. I really wish I had more motivation to actually want to go. Once I am there though, I feel really good. I was a beast at the treadmill today. I love that I can jog for (well it seems long to me) for over seven minutes because there was a time where I couldn't run for a whole minute without being winded. Which brings me to my next point. Sometimes I get envious of what I used to look like in high school. I wasn't super slim but I don't necessarily think I was big. I particularly get envious of my junior year because that was when I slimmed down. I had gone to a camp for six weeks over the summer and told myself that I was going to eat just my regular meal, eat fruit for dessert and skip the sugary snacks. I also walked everywhere as I didn't have a car (or my license for that matter) but it really worked out for me. I felt so good and not to mention for the first time (ever) I felt attractive because I actually was starting to take
care of myself. I am not sure how many pounds I lost. Honestly, I didn't have a goal in mind I just mainly wanted to look better.

The point to all this is that even with those simple steps, I was able to to lose weight and feel pretty good. You don't need a special diet to restrict you from every sweet thing imaginable you just to have motivation and portion control. Sadly, that all ended when I hit college BUT lets move on...

Another point I wanted to make that yes, I was somewhat thinner in high school but my senior year I was unhealthy. In just these last couple years I am probably the healthiest I have ever been just solely on the fact that I am more conscious (or trying to be) of what I put in my body. All I ate in high school was crap apart from my mom's home cooked meals and I really wish I would have thought to at least exercise.

So this is me when I was 17 or 18. I want to say I was about in the 140s, probably like 145. As you can see I still have a bum (I will never get rid of that, unfortunately HA) but I can see that my face was slimmer as well as my stomach area. Am I right on this? or am I just seeing things? I do think I look slimmer though. I want to get back down to that. In due time. I am giving myself until March. Actually, my coworker/friend Rashell both gave each other until March to lose 10 lbs. Now, in 2011 I lost 27 lbs in three months but its not a race, I want to be done my goal weight by March and KEEP. IT OFF. for good.

Well, I think i'm going to end this.
To all, Happy New Year
Hope this year is full of success and happiness :)

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