Monday, December 30, 2013

Day # 2

The temptation is real! Yesterday I went grocery shopping with Craig and it was tough because everything looked SO GOOD! (I also went to grocery shopping, hungry worst. mistake ever.) but I did not cave. I had chili and tangerines for my supper. It was a strange combo but it eased my cravings. I went to the gym also but the only setback I had was that I did not wake up early to do it. I had set my alarm for 8am but did not complete that goal as I woke up at 9 and didn't get my butt moving until around 11am. I still want that to be my goal because I still find myself lazing around and I HATE that but yet I still keep doing it. Today I almost ALMOST told myself not to go to the gym or rather, I went to the mechanics for 1pm and didn't get out until about 4ish? I told myself that I would go home and than go to the gym afterwards even though I already had my gym stuff with me. But than I talked myself out of it because I figured that once I got home than I would want to stay home so I went to the gym right after the mechanics and I am glad I did.

What I have realized also, is that I am only at the gym for one hour. ONE HOUR. There is no reason why I can't go. There are times where I am so motivated to go to the gym but the one time I make an excuse not to go the gym than I go on a hiatus because than I keep making excuses for myself. It is really frustrating to get to a point where I feel good inside and out but then I somehow give up, it happens without me realizing it until I get on the scale. Right now I am 159.6. The last time I had checked the scale which was not too long ago I was 155ish. I hate how its so easy to gain weight back but I love the challenge it gives me. I just hate losing the same weight over again. I somehow can't seem to get past 155. I don't know what it is. I seem to give up at 155 lbs. 'Tis strange but I will try TRY TRY TRY to finally get past that weight. UGH, I will be ecstatic.


I find that some people get so weird about someone who owns their own camera taking pictures of themselves. I don't get it. Its not a big deal. I honestly like taking pictures of myself (when I look decent) as well as I like taking pictures of other people (when they are not creeped out, its okay if you are) and nature (nature has no choice) so its not like I just take a gazillion pictures of myself BUT even if I do who cares...that is all.

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