Friday, December 27, 2013

What is next??

I am feeling very inspired lately and I am loving this feeling! It makes me excited to start new things. First off, this blog. Ahh, I have had this blog for about two years and I did feel inspired at one point to even start this blog but that died quickly. It was originally supposed to be a kind of fashion/photo inspired blog but that quickly died. But recently I discovered a blog of someone I know of and she has inspired me (she doesn't know it) to start this up again-round two! Her blog is so...I want to say feisty or maybe to the point or maybe very real. Actually, all of the above. I love reading her entries which primarily have to do with body image/health and weight loss. Which brings me to my next topic of discussion. Which is: weight loss.

 I have been inspired by my friend from high school who has lost a bunch of weight by eating right and exercising. I want to do the same! I want to lose at least fifteen pounds to be at my goal weight. I get so motivated to go to the gym but the one time, the ONE time I make an excuse not to go, I never go again. When I do go to the gym I felt/feel so much better. The last excuse I made to not go to gym was because pandora took up too much data on my phone so I wasn't able to listen to music. Sure, it does suck but oh my garsh, Rachel, get over it. Not only do I want to lose fifteen pounds I want to maintain that I want to continue to go the gym and have that drive to be healthy and make better choices with what I put into my body. 

I also have a goal. My friend/coworker are working together to lose weight. We are planning on having weekly weigh ins and motivating each other to continue to do well. I think that is just what I need to get back on track. So! Sunday will be gym time for the first time in almost two months. I want to document my progress and document how I am feeling that day or what I struggle with just to give me that extra oompf.

With this blog as well, I don't really just want to just be typing away at the keyboard with every entry, I want to display my soft spot for picture taking-no, i'm not a photographer but I really, really am enjoying this hobby of mine and I feel posting pictures on this blog makes for better quality rather than posting on Face Book. I also want to somehow mail some of my photos to people by maybe asking them to pick a topic for me to photograph but that is for a future thought. 

So what exactly is this blog about?
Basically things that I am passionate about. As of right now I want it to be for weight loss and whatever pictures I decide to post. I don't really want to mark this blog to be a certain way. I just want to post whatever for now. I also don't want to put restrictions on my blog because I want to make sure I can keep up with this-time will only tell. 

Well, I have written all I can think of to write so I will end this entry for now.
(Wow, what a lousy way to say bye)


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