Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Day Before

I kind of had different visions of what I wished the sky looked like tonight. I really wish the fog hadn't decided to block how pink the sky was. There will be other times where I will have the opportunity to take better pictures. This one is not my favorite but I decided to post anyway. I am wondering if I should start putting watermarks on my images-not that I care if anyone uses them but I just thought it would be a nice touch. I will have to think more about it-not that its really a big decision or anything.

Tomorrow starts the day of a better me! I start back at the gym tomorrow. I have a schedule set in my phone and everything. I want to get a head start to this resolution business. Speaking of resolutions, I plan to be more motivated with my time especially on my days off. I wake up early but than I find that I don't really accomplish anything throughout the day and I have realized it really bothers me. I want to start going to the gym early enough in the morning so that afterwards I feel like I can take on the day so I have set my alarm for 8am and plan on going to the gym for 9am. During my work days I usually get out at 2 so instead of going home right after where I literally want to do nothing I will take my gym clothes with me to work. I have so many ideas on way to be better for my health, body and mind but it's just the question of being able to execute it. I will try with the first day and take each day one step at a time-hopefully blogging regularly about my accomplishments and struggles. I want to be able to learn a thing or two about what I am writing so hopefully it will help me for the future.

Have a good night. Until tomorrow!

P.S I continue to write and post images on this blog for a good week or so to see how I feel in continuing with this and if I decide that I will definitely use this for inspiration that I will start telling people about it just so I am not the only eyes reading what I have already typed up. It would be nice to see other people being interested in what I have to say but I want to make sure I can keep up with this. I don't want to promise I will post on a regular basis if my heart isn't in it so consider this a trial version. I will take it one day at a time-so far this is kinda fun!

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